Alright, so we are back for another post!

Special Education is very flawed due to a variety of reasons

It causes depression due to isolation from normal General Education students and thinks of autism and Aspergers as a disability that should be eliminated

Seclusion is very common in Special Education and it has caused trauma including to me, I was put to a empty room with no lights and windows as a punishment for my behavior!

The truth is we learn in a very different way like visual learning, but instead Special Education classrooms assign 3rd grade or lower things instead of the current grade level that is much higher.

Well, not all the time but most of the time, like in my case

My teachers have never teached programming or got any computer classes which both are mandatory in Finland! That is already a bad sign! In this day and age, having computer classes are necessary due to the increasing dependency on technology daily.

Plus, especially for students with learning disabilities like dysgraphia, they have a hard time writing in the traditional way using a pencil due to impaired motor skills, have messy handwriting, get pain from writing using a pencil.

More computer usage in the classroom would be necessary to accomodate students with learning disabilities like dysgraphia better, here in the special education 9th grade classroom we barely get computer classes at all! Autistic people learn better visually than from the traditional ways and it is actually thought that they might be smarter than their neurotypical counterparts!

Visual learning and computers can be very well integrated in a General Education classroom to accomodate learning disabilities and autism.

Here, We had a Swedish test and the teacher just gave all the answers immediately, And of course, all of our concerns are ignored because we are somehow “special”

Most of us are very well off ourself, just leave us alone unless they really asked you.

I don’t think of autism as a disability, think of it as a different ability.

Coming from a 15 year old Finnish high school student with Aspergers and ADHD